Digital Evidence
Lifecycle Software

Hold and discovery workflows are complex.
Ligl is an automation tool made to make it all simple. 

Highly intuitive and easy to use, Ligl lets you take control of your digital evidence lifecycle (and gives you time to take care of business). Ligl optimizes the e-discovery process and eliminates risks that might arise due to human error. It enables you to work smarter and faster accelerating the discovery process through automation, all without the need for additional staff or infrastructure costs.

When there are a lot of moving parts, Ligl will help you move them in the most effective way.

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See how our software automates your the eDiscovery process

Fragmented process creates risk, cost and complexity

The evidence discovery process is complex and fragmented.

That means a fractured workflow, a wide departmental cross-over for a single case, and a set of various different tools used throughout.

And nobody has time or resources for dealing with such complexity.


Lack of e-discovery process control, governance and compliance where


of tasks are routine and manual


A slowed down process due to the lack of automation with

more data.


An increase in expenses due to supplementary infrastructure, training and staffing needs


more litigation and investigation.

Three things that outline Ligl

end to end automation

Orchestrating the entire EDRM process from legal hold to production and presentation into one single, easy to use a streamlined system

case aware templates

Providing out of the box, fully customizable  standard case templates for DOJ, FCPA, SEC and more

the dashboard

Bringing every step of the litigation process under one roof, it puts the entire case at your fingertips

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The benefits of using Ligl

Ligl brings the whole litigation process with all its moving parts where it should be: at your fingertips.

Risk elimination

Providing full control, visibility and governance for the overall process


eDiscovery cost savings


Accelerating the eDiscovery by automating the workflow end-to-end


Faster than manual processing

Do more with less

Eliminating the need for extra resources by streamlining the process


Hold cost savings

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